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 "can be used over & over again"

4 Large Sheets  18" X 24"   $11.95

2 GIANT Sheets  covers full sheet of plywood 4 feet by 8 feet   $15.95          Great for LARGE projects

Reindeer Eating Hay

#R170       r170.jpg (3868 bytes)                
SIZE: 46"Wx35"H
COST $7.95
Reindeer Sleeping

  #R171  r171.jpg (3977 bytes)                
SIZE: 45"Wx26"H
COST $7.95
Reindeer Raring To Go

#R173       r173.jpg (3983 bytes)  
SIZE: 36"Wx35"H
COST $7.95
Rudolph's Head

   r172.jpg (4693 bytes)   


COST $6.95
Traditional Reindeer #1

#R207         r207.jpg (5873 bytes)                  
COST $7.95
Traditional Reindeer #2

      r208.jpg (5331 bytes)      

COST $7.95

Santa's Sleigh
With 9 Reindeer this display is about 18 - 20 feet long
r174.jpg (10873 bytes)

COST $12.95
Reindeer for Santa's Sleigh,
make as many as you like, Paint Rudolph's
 Nose Red. Apply Garland from Santa's Hands to necks on Reindeer.

 r175.jpg (5431 bytes)

COST $7.95
Union Reindeer

     S920.jpg (97605 bytes)  

COST $8.95
Reindeer with Present

#R205     R205.jpg (47915 bytes)                  
COST $8.95
Reindeer On Roof
reindeeronroof2.jpg (20984 bytes)

SIZE: 61W X 35H"
COST $10.95
Santa's Band

   SANTASBAND2.jpg (17543 bytes)


COST $10.95


Reindeer Count Down

- Comes with all the numbers so you can change them daily

SIZE: 47"H
COST $10.00
Leaning Reindeer Silhouette

** Bow not included**


SIZE:4 feet high approx
COST $9.00

ONE White Boomer (Kangaroo)


Make six from same pattern and (use Santa# R174 pattern for sleigh)
COST $9.95

Rudolph at North Pole

COST $8.95

Reindeer  for Abominable Snowman


Size: About 24"H
COST $7.95

Dancing Reindeer

place a red bow around neck

SIZE: about 40"H

Reindeer & Sleigh
SIZE: about 7 feet Long
COST 17.95

Christmas1.jpg (4409 bytes)
Rein1.jpg (3494 bytes)

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